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The Conference was a success

Thanks all participants, it was fun and a success. Read the DevCon2 Minutes.

OpenVAS Developer Conference #2 (July 9-12 2009)

The second OpenVAS developer conference takes again place in Osnabrück, Germany. This page summarizes the current state of planning.

Logo of Intevation GmbH Logo ffis e.V.

Event organization supported by Intevation GmbH and ffis e.V..

OpenVAS Workshop Agenda - July 8th 2009

Workshop on OpenVAS administration and deployment on the day prior to the conference: July 8th 2009.

The following topics are covered,
1. OpenVAS architecture
2. Installation of OpenVAS on Linux systems
3. OpenVAS scanning
	OpenVAS features
	Creation of policies and running the scan
	Credentiated and Credential less scanning
	The OpenVAS knowledge base
	Scanning different network devices: Windows, Unix
4. OpenVAS Administration
5. Writing NASL plugins
6. OpenVAS integrated tools

Price: EURO 300
The money will be utilized to cover the travel costs for students and other private OpenVAS developers. Please express your interest by writing to,

To register, fill out the Registration Form.

Conference Agenda - July 9th - 12th 2009

This is a collection of thoughts discussed on the mailing list openvas-discuss. Please involve yourself there to express your ideas or needs.

A major goal is derive a master plan for the next 12-24 month of development.


Intevation GmbH kindly hosts the developer conference at their offices:

Neuer Graben 17
49074 Osnabrück

Note for attendies of the DevCon1: Intevation moved to new offices in 2008 which are around 5 minutes walking distance from the ones where DevCon1 took place.


Intevation will take care of hotel reservations. Please include your preferences with the expression of interest for attending.

How to attend

Please let us know on the openvas-discuss mailing list or directly to openvas-devcon@intevation.de whether you like to attend.

Preliminary schedule

Time Thu, July 9th Fri, July 10th Sat, July 11th Sun, July 12th
8-10 Arrival/Hacking Hacking Hacking Hacking
10-11 Arrival Topic 1.1: Tighter nmap integration
Topic 2.1: New concept of Scanner/Manager separation
Topic 3.1: Getting rid of NASL-based SSH stuff
11-12 Arrival Topic 1.2: How to establish scan tasks like "All Windows hosts"
Topic 2.2: List of internal stuff we want to get rid of
Topic 3.2: NVT coverage extension and NVT retirement
12-13 Arrival Topic 1.3: Standard family, subdirectory structures, OIDs
Topic 2.3: New base data structures (objects, APIs etc)
Topic 3.3: Replacement of current internationalization concepts
13-14 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
14-15 Welcome
Jan-Oliver Wagner,
Tim Brown
Topic 1.4: 'Harmonization' strategies for NASL code
Topic 2.4: Reorganising openvas-libraries
Closing Session (next steps)/ Road Map 3.0
15-16 Self-introductions (relation to OpenVAS, focus, interests)
All (approx. 5min each)
In depth discussion of Topic 1.x In depth discussion of Topic 2.x Hacking/Departure
16-17 Invited Talk: N/A
In depth discussion of Topic 1.x In depth discussion of Topic 2.x Hacking/Departure
17-18 Expectations / Adjustments for DevCon2
(also walkthrough pending CRs)
In depth discussion of Topic 1.x In depth discussion of Topic 2.x Hacking/Departure
18-19 OpenVAS community: Structures, Procedures
In depth discussion of Topic 1.x In depth discussion of Topic 2.x Hacking/Departure
20- Dinner, Pub, Hacking
Afterwards Guided City Tour by night
Dinner, Pub, Hacking
(Lotus Palast)
Dinner, Pub, Hacking